OCLC WorldCat Metadata API Ruby Gem

Since last December, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time working with the OCLC WorldCat Metadata API.  The focus was primarily around kicking the tires, and then eventually developing some integration components with MarcEdit, as well as a C# library (https://github.com/reeset/oclc_api) for those that may have use of such things. However,… Read more

WorldCat API gem moved to rubyforge

I had mentioned that I’d quickly developed a helper gem for simplifying using the WorldCat API in ruby (at least, it greatly simplifies using the API for my needs).  This was created in part for C4L and partly because I’m moving access from Z39.50 to the API when working with LF and I basically wanted… Read more

WorldCat API: draft ruby gem

Since the WorldCat Grid API became available, I’ve spent odd periods of time playing with the services to see what kinds of things I could do and not do with the information being made available.  This was partly due to a desire to create an open source version of WorldCat Local.  It wouldn’t have been… Read more

LibraryFind next week

As I’ve been working on 0.9, I’ve been trying to migrate few odds and ends into the current 0.8 branch so that I can move them into production faster on our end.  To that end, I’ll be posting an updated to LF by the beginning of next week.  These updates will include: Update to the… Read more

oai and sru gems updated

In wrapping up the Libraryfind update, I’ve had to make some modifications to a few gem packages.  These are the ones updated: oai: http://rubyforge.org/projects/oai/Changes:Prior versions of the oai component only supported the ruby libxml gem 0.3.8-.  In order to support the newer versions of the ruby-libxml (which does better memory management), I’ve updated the… Read more

XSLT and Ruby/Rails

While adding REST support for Libraryfind, I found that I wanted to provide an output in XML, but that could also provide HTML if an XSLT was attached.  In Rails, generating XML files is actually pretty easy.  In Rails, output is specified in views.  HTML views are created using a .rhtml extension, while xml views… Read more

LibraryFind and Mobile Services

One of the things I was really impressed with while attending DLF was the presentation on the lightweight web platform being built at NCSU.  Leveraging their endeca catalog, the folks at NCSU have been able to produce a set of REST-based api for querying the catalog.  With those services, they’ve designed a mobile interface and… Read more

LibraryFind 0.8.4 upcoming changes

At some point, I’ll likely move this to the LibraryFind blog.  I just realized that I couldn’t remember my login information to post to the blog — so, I’ll post here. I’m not exactly sure if the UI changes will be made in 0.8.4 to incorporate the new spawning/pinging (I think that they will), but… Read more