Maybe all libraries do need coffee shops

Having gone 34 years without being a coffee drinker, I personally never got why people wanted coffee shops in libraries.  But over the last year, my wife and Greenhill Farms, a Kona Coffee Grower in Hawaii, convinced me that not all coffee is bad.  I’m so convinced, that having a morning cup of coffee (black,… Read more

Weekend in Disney

After returning home from Vermont, I had to make good on a promise that I made back in June to my boys — so we packed up and heading down to Disneyland.  For Nathan and Kenny, this was their first time down at Disneyland.  In fact, for Nathan, it was his first time on an… Read more

R & R

The past couple of days, I’ve been spending a few quite days in Vermont ahead of the ReadEx Digital Institute.  I’ve had the opportunity to be able to attend and speak at this little shin-dig for a number of years, and this year is no different.  I actually like this get together a lot for… Read more

100 foods

Not library related but fun, I guess.  My wife sent me a list because she wondered what kinds of crazy things on this list I could say I’ve eaten.  Some of the things on this list, I honestly don’t even know what they are.  But, I’ll play the game.  I’ve bolded the items of things… Read more

Airline karma

I’d mentioned sometime back ( that I was planning on being one of the crazy Beaver fans that will be making the trip to Penn State this year to hopefully watch out team spank the Nitty Lions silly.  At the time, I didn’t have football tickets, but was smart enough to make airline reservations and… Read more

ALA Notes — Running in Anaheim

Since ALA seems to shutdown around noon so folks can go and get some lunch, I decided to try my hand at getting a little run in before heading back.  I’ve tried running in California before (mostly San Francisco), and the number of people and cars always foil me.  I’m use to my afternoon runs… Read more

Geneseo Resource Sharing project

For the first time, in a really long time, I won’t be home on Mother’s Day.  A trip to Boston last week was extended to include some time in NY to talk to friends and the Geneseo library about the resource sharing project that they are working on.   I was really impressed by the work… Read more

Bring on the Penn State Kitty cats

So, its official (as of last week I believe), but Oregon State University’s football team will be traveling to Happy Valley to play the Lions — and I’ll be there.  My wife has given me the ok so I’ve got the plane tickets, a hotel room in altoona, pa and a rental car.  Now all… Read more

How they see us

After a long day of flying, I got to Philly about an hour late (thanks to some snow at the St. Paul airport) and found taxis to be in short supply.  So, I hired a driver and on the drive over, had a great conversation.  My favorite part came when we chatted about our days. … Read more