MarcEdit Update (Windows and Linux)

Couple updates, couple bug fixes.  Change log below. 6.2.452* Bug fix/Behavior Change: Export Tab Delimited Records: Second delimiter insertion should be standardized with all regressions removed.* New Feature: Linked Data Tools: Service Status options have been included so users can check the status of the currently profiled linked data services.* New Feature: Preferences/Networked Tasks: MarcEdit… Read more

MarcEdit Updates

This update has been a little while coming and represents a significant number of updates, bug fixes and enhancements.  On the Mac side, the two largest updates where the implementation of the Delimited Text Translator and the OAI Harvester, on all platforms – Alma Integration.  You can find notes about the Alma integration here:… Read more

MarcEdit: Build New Field Tool

I’m not sure how I’ve missed creating something like this for so long, but it took a question from a cataloger to help me crystalize the need for a new feature.  Here was the question: Add an 856 url to all records that uses the OCLC number from the 035 field, the title from 245… Read more

MarcEdit 6.1 Update

A new MarcEdit 6.1 build is available.  This build closes one bug related to the Select Individual Records for Edit function in the MarcEdit, and adds four new enhancements.  You can get the update through the automated download process within MarcEdit or from the downloads page. Download URL: 32-bit URL: 64-bit URL:… Read more

MarcEdit OSX Preview Build Update

This build is a continued refinement of the preview build.  It really doesn’t include anything that is significantly new, but addresses a couple of early gaps folks had noticed while working with the tool.  Change log is below. Download URL: Direct URL: –tr 1.0.8 **************************** ** 1.0.8 ChangeLog **************************** * Bug Fix: Field… Read more

MarcEdit OSX Public Build #2

Interesting thing about software development — everything can work so great within your own environments, but then be so uneven once they move outside of them.  The variable that changed — real data…and that’s why you make things available for folks to play with. First, thanks to those that downloaded the preview and gave it… Read more

MarcEdit OSX Public Preview 1

It’s with a little trepidation that I’m formally making the first Public Preview of the MarcEdit OSX version available for download and use.  In fact, as of today, this version is now *the* OSX download available on the downloads page.  I will no longer be building the old code-base for use on OSX. When I… Read more