IUG Trip report

So here is my IUG trip report. I only had to cut out my notes from one session since it is reserved for those having gone through a special set of III training. Here’s the link: iug_2006_publicnotes.doc –tr

Federated Search limitations

Today we got to see first hand the fragility associated with the current state of federated search technology. As a beta site for Innovative, we have been testing their 2006 general release software prior to general distribution and an update last night caused ports to fail, resources to be limited and screwed up the keyword… Read more

Believe it or not…

So, I’m getting ready to come home after the IUG and the Denver Hyatt is hosting a new conference, and I’m not making this up, the Society of Government Meeting Professionals.  Ugh…I’m sure its different than the picture in my head but… Updated:  I stand corrected — it was actually worse than I thought.  I… Read more

IUG — new stuff in 2006

Given that I sometimes give III a bit of a hard time (which I think is part of our job as users) — I thought I would note some of the very cool things that are out in the 2006 general release: RightResults(tm): III’s new relevance ranking algorthem.  I’d talked about this earlier — but… Read more

III WebPAC Pro 2006 and more

I just finished sitting through a session on the current upgrade to the WebOpac.  They are actually looking to do some pretty cool stuff in the realms of adding community tagging, rss feeds (though it is additional for fee product if you want to publish data from your catalog) and faceted searches.  Its really be… Read more

IUG Reception

I enjoy the IUG reception — its a great time to get to chat with some of the folks from III and chat with friends.  Last night’s reception was really good — partly because I got to have a good conversation with Ted Fons — one of the many III product managers.  I like Ted,… Read more

Saturday, May 20, 2006: IUG Keynote

The IUG conference started out this morning with an initial presentation by III CEO, Jerry Kline. For as much as some of III’s pratices frustrate me, I actually like Jerry quite a bit. He’s very approachable and I generally enjoy chatting with him — even when I disagree. Anyway, Jerry’s conference touched on a number… Read more

IUG 2006, Denver, CO

Its about that time again for the IUG’s annual usergroup meeting.  This year, the annual meeting is at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Co and will last for a few days.  I got in yesterday and the weather was definitely gorgeous.  It was 87ish yesterday and almost 90 today.  A little hot for my tastes… Read more

Turning comments off for now

If someone knows of a good wordpress plugin for automatic spam management — I’d appreciate someone dropping me a note at: terry dot reeset at oregonstate dot edu.  I’m getting close to 70 spam comments a day that I’m having to wade through to moderate and I’m getting tired up it.  So until i get… Read more