MarcEdit 5.0 update

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What folks may not realize, is that MarcEdit 5.0 includes a command-line program.  I added a few more command-line switches to give users access to the XML transformations through the command-line. 

At this point, the following arguments are available:

        -s:     Path to file to be processed.
                        If calling the join utility, source must be files
                        delimited by the “;” character
        -d:     Path to destination file.
                          If call the split utility, dest should specify a folder
                        where split files will be saved.
                        If this folder doesn’t exist, one will be created.
        -mxslt: Path to the MARCXML XSLT file.
        -batch: Specifies Batch Processing Mode
        -break: Specifies MarcBreaker algorithem
        -make:  Specifies MarcMaker algorithem
        -marcxml:       Specifies MARCXML algorithem
        -xmlmarc:       Specifics the MARCXML to MARC algorithem
        -join:  Specifies join MARC File algorithem
        -split: Specifies split MARC File algorithem
        -records:       Specifies number of records per file [used with split command].
        -raw:   [Optional] Turns of mnemonic processing (returns raw data)
        -utf8:  [Optional] Turns on UTF-8 processing — only applicable when breaking data
        -marc8: [Optional] Turns on MARC-8 processing — only applicable when making records
        -help:  Returns usage information


So very simply — if you want to break a file:
>>cmarcedit.exe -s yourfile.mrc -d yourdestfile.mrk -break

If you want to make a file:
>>cmarcedit.exe -s yourfile.mrk -d yourfiletomarc.mrc -make

Remember to update your instance of MarcEdit if you want to give this a try.  Update from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe


Inside Higher Ed :: A Stand Against Wikipedia

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 Classic…Middlebury College’s history dept. is banning the use of Wikipedia as a source for papers.  Not that noteworthy given the academic community’s general dislike for the resource.  What I don’t understand is why the department banned it.  So its not authorative[1] — who cares.  Part of the job of faculty is to teach students to:

  1. understand and do research
  2. discern primary and trusted sources

If wikipedia is such a problem in this department — obviously one of these two things haven’t been sufficiently taught — or — there are no consequences to ignoring 1 and 2. 

Again, this falls under the category of things I hate seeing legislated.  Students are at universities to learn — this is a good learning opportunity.


Source: Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education – Inside Higher Ed :: A Stand Against Wikipedia

[1] Sandra Ordonez, a spokeswoman, said in an e-mail interview. ā€œWikipedia is the ideal place to start your research and get a global picture of a topic, however, it is not an authoritative source.”

Kyle’s just nuts

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I’ve been starting to look this upcoming summer and trying to decide which century and double century rides I’ll be participating in this summer.  There a a few that I always ride in, like the Monster Cookie at the start of the year which is just a metric century and a good stretch of the legs, one’s that I want to make an annual ride like the STP (Seattle to Portland) and others that I rotate.  This year, I’m considering doing the Torture 10,000 again in Portland, a one day century that’s fairly hilly — but Kyle, he’s been trying to talk me into some fairly crazy stuff this year — and as much as it pains me now (and I’m sure later) to say it — I’ll probably do a few of them.  So far, Kyle’s been trying to talk me into doing The Ultimate Road Ride and the Death Ride.  Both look interesting — but they fall between the STP so I’ll likely only get to do one if either. 

The one that Kyle has been suggesting that I’m quickly warming up to is Everest Challenge.  This is a two day, 29,000 ft climb that I I know I couldn’t finish if I did it today, to be honest.  Day one is a 15,000 ft day — piece of cake (rriiighttt).  Pretty much like doing the Torture + one extra hill.  Day 2 — I shudder to think, but I have images of homer simpson, and a very sad, “doh” doing what would seem like 85 miles of straight climbing — oh, and I’m sure a few — “ah, cramp, cramp” would be sprinkled in as well.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t finish the whole ride — but I’m definitely thinking I’d like to try.  The problem is — I’ve got to decide to do it now — if I want to ride it.  I don’t get much hill riding living in the valley — and I’ll have to adjust my training over May – Sept. to get ready.  Plus — I’ve got to get out of the weight room and drop down to about 165 lbs (I ride at 175) to lighten my climb (yuck).  We’ll see.  I’m actually tenatively starting to train like I want to do it — changing my work out routine and calorie intake to start a gradule slimming down process.  This is something I usually start in around May, since my winter riding weight runs around 180, but I really need to start sooner than later if I want to do this ride.  I guess if all is looking good around May — I’ll start hitting Mary’s Peak and see if I really want to spend two days cycling, and hurting and probably throwing up. šŸ™‚  I’ve always said part of the fun of cycling is the willingness to hurt just a bit — so we’ll see


Digital World Norway Outlaws iTunes

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Interesting…I’m not a big fan of governments legislating services —Ā particular a service like this in part becauseĀ there are available optionsĀ toĀ work around Apple’s Fairplay DRM and allow play of downloaded items on other players.Ā  SoĀ I’m not sure what to think about this.Ā  On the one hand — it would beĀ great if the whole DRM concept could be scrapped — or at least — unified to a singleĀ open format.Ā  On the other, I find this kind of meddling to beĀ very disturbing on a number of levels, so I guess we’ll see where it goes from here.Ā  Link below.


Link to Digital World Norway Outlaws iTunes

Groklaw – Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent

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 Uh, oh.  Looks like the folks at Blackboard should have just let well enough alone.  Given a short period of time, a pluthera of prior art was able to quickly be located — enough to cause a re-examination of the patent.  See the link:

Link to Groklaw – Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent


I always wonder why a company would try to enforce a patent that is questionable at best.  The whole process to defend the patent is expensive — and the ill will generated certainly can’t be worth it.  Ah, well.


Marcedit update

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Two bugs in MarcEdit — one simple, one more involved.  The simple one has been fixed and uploaded. 

The easy one to fix — In the deduplication tool, there are occasions when the program will throw an error if access code in the message pump accesses the GUI elements before they are ready. 

More difficult one to fix — when running a macro — the program is mixing the modified data with the original file.  You can push it out by setting variables in the Load and Save File functions — but this annoys me and is a symptom of a larger problem relating to how how file information is set when we consider the Preview functionality in the MarcEditor.  I’m pretty sure this is an easy enough fix — but I want to take a closer look at what’s up.  I might actually wrap a number of common functions in a helper object to make writing macros easier.

Update is found at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.  Again — I’ll likely be posting an update over the weekend as well — this is mostly for folks that might need the tool.


Fun at the space needle

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III had their ALA get together at the Space Needle.  It’s a very cool place and they had my usual favorites — the chocolate fountain with chocolate covered strawberries.  Actually, the strawberries were covered in white and dark chocolate — with the strawberries looking like they are wearing tuxedos (I loved it).  And they had chocolate sculptures, etc.  Love these get togethers.  I may disagree with some of III’s business decisions — but they know how to throw a party. šŸ™‚

Oh, and when I travel to conferences, I run into a lot of folks that use MarcEdit and like to have a quick chat.  Its fun.  I like to hear that folks find the program useful and generally get some good suggestions for future features or projects.  But I think that this is the first time that I’ve ever been told that I have someone that considers themselves a “fangirl”.  Who knew you could have fans and still work in a library. šŸ™‚


Translating ETDs from Dspace OAI to MARC

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Ok — here’s the info. 
File: MidWinter 2007 ALCTS Presentation
So what’s included?  Zip file contains our custom XSLT that’s used in MarcEdit, the Macro that I use to clean data, and the ppt slides.  The XSLT file is a custom version of the default OAIDC translation found in MarcEdit.  Its customized to deal with the specific data that will be encountered within our ETD records.  If you wanted to use this XSLT for your own library — you will very likely need to make some small modifications — but it should get you started.  Anyway questions?  Send cookies šŸ™‚


Translating ETDs from Dspace OAI to MARC

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I’m giving a short 15 minute presentation at ALA (How Catalogers and System Developers Work Creatively with Metadata: 1:30-3:30 pm at the Convention center) on the process OSU uses to moving ETD data going into Dspace directly into MARC/OCLC and our catalog.  Its a pretty simple process.  If you want to see how we do it, please attend.  Otherwise, I’ll post slides, script and xslt stylesheet following the presentation.