MarcEdit update

I’ve posted a new update for all versions of MarcEdit, and it’s a large one.  It might not look like it from the outside, but it represents close to 3 1/2 months of work.  The big change is related to the inclusion of a more detailed change log.  Users can turn on logging and see,… Read more

MarcEdit Update Posted

Happy 2017!  I hope that everyone had a fine holiday season.  I spent some time over the past couple weeks away from MarcEdit and doing a little bit of writing.  This put my usual holiday update behind a bit (which I apologize about, since it included a couple bug fixes that folks were waiting for)… Read more

MarcEdit Windows/Linux Update

I’ve posted a small update over the weekend to correct an encoding issue when using the Z39.50 client in batch mode and doing a raw query.  You can get the download from the downloads page ( or via the automated update tool. –tr

MarcEdit Mac Update

Posted a MarcEdit Mac update.  This syncs the task management and Edit shortcuts with the Windows version. ************************************************** 1.9.45************************************************* Enhancement: Task Manager: Implemented the ability to include Edit Shortcuts in Tasks* Enhancement: Task Manager: Updated Task Manager to complete  network task clean up (error messages, file locking)* Enhancement: Preferences: Updated preferences to include dialogs to… Read more

MarcEdit Update

In what’s become a bit of a tradition, I took some of my time over the Thanksgiving holiday to work through a few things on my list and put together an update (posted last night).  Updates were to all versions of MarcEdit and cover the following topics: Windows/Linux: * Enhancement: Dedup Records – addition of… Read more

MarcEdit Update

I posted an update to the Linux and Windows versions of MarcEdit.  I had hoped to finish work on the Mac as well, but I have, I would guess, about 5 hours of interface work to finish before that is completed and ready to be made available.  I’ll be endeavoring to get that completed over… Read more

MarcEdit Updates

This round of MarcEdit updates focused on the Task Manager/Task Editing.  After talking to some folks, I really tried to do some work to make it easier for folks when sharing network tasks.  Change logs: Windows/Linux: Enhancement: Task List will preserve a back up task list before save, and will restore if the original task… Read more

MarcEdit Task Management–planned behavior changes

Below are two messages from a conversation on the MarcEdit list around the Task Manager/Task Functionality in MarcEdit.  I’ve been discussing some changes to the way that this works – particularly related to how the networked task management works.  Since this is a widely used function of the application, I’m pulling these two messages out… Read more

MarcEdit Updates

The following updates have been made to all versions of MarcEdit: MarcEdit MacOS: 1.9.20************************************************** 1.9.20************************************************* Update: Linked Data Rules File: Rules file updated to add databases for the Japanese Diet library, 880 field processing, and the German National Library.* Enhancement: Task Manager: Added a new macro/delimiter.  {current_file} will print the current filename if set.* Enhancement:… Read more

Note on Automatic Updates

Please note, MarcEdit’s Automated update tool will notify you of the update, but you will need to manually download the file from:  My web host, Bluehost, has made a change to their server configuration that makes no sense, but ultimately, dumps traffic sent from non-web browsers (connections without a user-agent).  Right now, users will… Read more